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How to Re-String a Nomad Net

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How to care for Waxed Canvas

To clean you FP Field collection bags, lightly brush off dried mud and dirt with a brush. Start with plain water for cleaning. Spray it, gently use a scrub brush, rinse, and let it dry. For stubborn spots or stains a mild bar soap, flake soap, or saddle soap may help clean specific areas. Test a small area first.

After a period of time, if you find the canvas drying out and wish to retreat it, you may re-wax your finished product with Carr Textile Tex Wax Oil / Refinishing Ointment. A little heat from a hair dryer always helps.

How to care for Thunderhead packs and bags

There's no substitute for putting away your gear clean and dry. After use, particularly in the saltwater, rinse your pack and zippers with fresh water. Allow bag to dry completely before storage.

To ensure your TRU Zip zippers continue to slide smoothly through every adventure, routine lubrication and maintenance is necessary. These TRU Zip High Performance Lubricant Wipes are custom-designed to preserve the integrity of your toothless sliding zipper with a water-based formula that won’t leave behind a sticky residue. Wiping on clear and drying fast, these biodegradable and non-toxic wipes will keep your TRU Zip closures at peak performance, blocking out water, sand and dust for years to come. Instructions can be found below:

How to Wash Cyclepond Fabric

We recommend using Grangers Gear Cleaner and following their usage instructions.