Your Q's, Our A's

How do I wash my pack?

First off, we recommend not putting your pack through the washing machine.  Dump all dirt out of your pack and brush off all of the dirt and grime you can before wetting your pack.  Dampen your pack with warm water and scrub your pack with a sponge/wash cloth and a mild dish soap or Nikwax Tech Wash.  Wash all of the soap and dirt off of your pack and hang to dry

How to care for my zippers in saltwater?

We recommend using Gear Aid Zip Care Zipper Lubricant as a protective measure against saltwater corrosion on all of our metal zipper slides.  Even with the use of this product you should always wash your zippers in fresh water after every day used in a saltwater environment.

Does your office location have a retail store?

We have a showroom here at our office but we do not have a retail store.  If you would like to purchase something from our website and pick it up here we do have a ‘Warehouse Pickup’ option under the shipping methods at checkout.

Do you sell actual fish ponds?

Surprisingly not…