Western Rivers Conservancy

Western Rivers Conservancy

Fishpond is a proud partner with Western Rivers Conservancy, whose slogan is, “Sometimes to save a river, you have to buy it.” Of course, you can’t actually buy a river, but you can buy the land along it—and that’s exactly what WRC has been doing for 30 years. The goal: permanently conserve fish and wildlife habitat and create public access for anglers, boaters, hunters, hikers and others. WRC goes after properties that matter the most, and then they transfer them to the best steward possible, from the US Forest Service to state park systems. What does that mean for anglers and the rivers we love? Healthier habitat and better access for good. To learn more about WRC, sign up for their newsletter to stay in the loop with their projects. 

We feel that Western Rivers Conservancy has such a unique approach to conservation to raise money that goes to purchase large pieces of land in order to protect habitat. Then that land gets protected and opened up to to the public! Their work ranges from our backyard here in Colorado and reaches all the way to the West Coast with the protection of critical salmon habitat. We like this model so much that we have created products that directly fund their work. With the purchase of the below products, we at Fishpond make a direct donation back to Western Rivers. The support from the Fishpond Tribe last year we were able to write them a check for over $10k to fund their work, see the story here.


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