How to choose the right net | Size does matter

How to choose the right net | Size does matter


In the past a net was just a tool for anglers to capture their quarry, but today a net is much more than just a tool to trap a fish.  We as fly fishermen have taken releasing fish unharmed and healthy back to the water to the next level; which is a great thing, but we could always do more through education.  Keeping them wet is one of the best things we can do for the fish that we all love to chase.  Being a guide in Colorado I have always taken great pride in teaching my clients about proper fish handling to ensure that the fish they just caught swims away healthy.  This first thing one should have when catching a fish is a proper net.  When choosing a net one should make sure that it is roomy enough for the fish to be comfortable and not cramped, this will also be helpful for fly removal.  Having the right net for the task at hand is equally as important, a net that is great in a drift boat like the Nomad Boat Net is probably not the best choice for the average walk wade angler.

The Nomad Mid Length Net is, in my opinion, one of the most versatile nets in the Nomad series for the walk wade anglers and float fisherman alike.  This is a great option for fish that are not much over the twenty-inch mark.  With it’s longer handle this net will increase your reach when that stubborn eighteen-inch brown won't cooperate. I use the Mid Length Net for guiding  Gunnison Gorge float trips and on all walk wade trips where fish won’t be much over twenty inches.

The Nomad Mid Length Boat Net is a great option when fish get big “pounds on inches” or you are fishing from a drift boat or a raft.  This is one of your best nets for the walk wade angler that is after double-digit fish.  This net has a mid-length handle that is not too long and won’t get in the way of your pack and other gear for your day on the water.  I use the Mid Length Boat Net exclusively on my Sight Fishing trips for hunting giants on the tailwater of the Uncompahgre River “Paco”.  I also remove the standard net bag and replace it with the Extra Deep replacement net bag for added room.

The Nomad Boat Net is the best option for the float fishing angler with its added reach and huge basket.  The large basket on this net gives you a big target when you need to snatch a fish out of the current quickly.  This is the best net I have found for guiding drift boat trips on the Lower Gunnison River.


Words and Photo by the big fish guy, Matt McCannel head guide at RIGS Fly Shop 
"I have fished all over the country for the last twenty-five years, and I find that every time I am out on the water, I learn something new. I enjoy teaching the art of fly fishing to people of all ages. During the winter months, I teach fly tying classes, and I am also a commercial fly tier. I feel very fortunate to be doing what I love to do, every day."

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