Ben Kurtz

Ben Kurtz

Being a Colorado Native I was fortunate to grow up fishing the high mountain streams, and spending as much time in the mountains as possible. After spending  four years in school on the East Coast, and sneaking a year of that time in New Zealand, I returned home to Colorado to work with the Vail Ski Patrol. During the Summer of 2009 I started my time with Fishpond, and that relationship grew to currently being the Co-Owner/President. If not on the water you can find me on the trail, chasing powder, or birds.

Favorite Fishpond Conservation Partner

Tough call here, and obviously we only engage in partnerships that are near and dear to our heart. If I really have to choose I would say POW. Watching the organization grow over the years has been incredible, and they are making a meaningful impact. Besides fishing my other true passion is skiing, and helping POW reach a new audience has been really rewarding.

Staff Product Pick 

The two most utilized pieces of gear that I own are the Thunderhead Large Submersible Duffel, and the Thunderhead Sling. The Duffel is with me every weekend whether I am floating the river, or putting on ski boots in the parking lot. The sling is my companion for any river outing, and I think it's one of the most versatile pieces we have. It transitions seamlessly between trout fishing, in the raft, or wading the flats. It even sometime even joins me on a snowy bike ride around town.

Favorite Beer

Too many great beers to choose from, but most likely to be caught with a Coors Original in my hand.

Dream Adventure 

Floating the South Fork of the Salmon in the Fall. Fishing in the morning and chasing Chuckar with the pup in the afternoon.


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