Walk Softly and Carry Two Sticks | Quikshot Rod Holder

Walk Softly and Carry Two Sticks | Quikshot Rod Holder


Or anyone who wants to carry an extra rod for that quick change while out on the water, will appreciate Fishpond's new Quickshot Rod Holder. This is an elegant, highly functional, and user friendly design, securely fastens an extra rod to many of our new backpacks and lumbar systems using our four-way attachment hardware. Utilizing a German Fidlock® magnetic closure with elastic cords and thermoformed rod handle base, this innovative new product allows for the added flexibility to carry a different weight rod, completely rigged. Switch from your 8wt to the 12wt in an instant when that monster GT arrives within casting distance, or move from a streamer rod to a dry fly rod on your backcountry stretch of water. 

How the Quikshot works:

The Quikshot features a Fidlock closure system which is the mechanisim that we use to provide secure and fast access to your rod and reel. We designed this rod holder with the Fidlock at the center as it can handle high loads, up to 400lbs, before failure, while providing one handed operation. Once in position the male and female elements magnetically lock and securely engage in the groove. Opening the Quickshot is just as easy: simply tilt it forward and grab your rod. Tilting it forward is the only direction that Fidlock will release so you never experience any unexpected releases. A molded holster for the grip of the rod and a hoop to securely hold the butt of the rod is paired with and adjustable band so all you have to do is pull tight or loosen it to match your rod and reel combo. The Quikshot does come with an upper magnet to use on our backpacks for an optimum carry in the field.


Cover photo: @upstreamjourney on location walking the beach in hopes of seeing a comb pop up out of the muddy water. The weather was at an all time low this day, but its still worth taking a beach walk.

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