Fishpond Acquires Tacky Fly Fishing

Fishpond Acquires Tacky Fly Fishing


When Fishpond was originally founded in the Colorado High Country two decades ago, the mission was clear: bring new ideas and thoughtfully designed products to the fly fishing community. From our introduction of the first integrated drop-down fly bench on our packs, to the use of completely regenerated, post-consumer nylon on our brand new Upstream Tech Vests, our legacy of innovation is a tremendous source of pride. Today, we extend that tradition, and are excited to announce the addition of Tacky Fly Fishing to our family. 

Five years ago, Tacky set out to create the most innovative fly box available to the fly fishing community. Finding a multitude of design flaws in traditional fly boxes, the minds at Tacky replaced traditional foam inserts with silicone and a durable plastic shell, and ditched the latched closure system for a magnetic, latchless solution. The result was the Tacky Original Box, featuring a no-memory insert that would not delaminate over time, an extremely durable outer shell that would not warp or crack under extreme temperatures, and a secure closure system which was much less prone to damage and failure. In the ensuing years the product line expanded to include a range of sizes and insert options, including a 3D silicone mat designed to protect downward facing tails and dry fly hackle.

Sharing Tacky’s values of creative design and innovative functionality, the decision to bring the brand under the Fishpond umbrella was an easy one. As a BCorp and industry leader in environmentally responsible design, we are introducing recycled materials into the composition of the 2020 lineup of fly storage systems, as well as new colors, packaging, and a new range of sizes.

Our 2020 lineup will include 9 redesigned storage systems, including the Fly Dock, Original, Original 2X, Day Pack, Day Pack 2X, Dry Fly, Catch-All, Big Bug, and Flydrophobic Fly Boxes. We are excited to collaborate with Tacky’s founders to develop new storage systems and continue to provide exceptional quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility to the angler who demands nothing less.

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