A Guides Review | Gunninson Guide Pack

A Guide's Review | Gunninson Guide Pack


As a full time guide here in Colorado, the best path to success on the water is in preparation. The Gunnison Guide Pack allows me to be ready for all situations on South Platte River and beyond. John Land LeCoq and everyone at Fishpond hit a serious home run with the design details, this pack has all the features concerning storage, size, and accessory placement that an angler could need. From long days in remote stretches to quick trips down the road I can bring everything I need to be prepared for what the day might bring. It carries the load very well and I recommend the new Gunnison Guide Pack for all anglers. 

Here is a quick look at what I bring along on the water for a typical day out.

  1. Fishpond 360 Swivel Retractor and Sawtooth Nipper
  2. Fishpond HeadGateTippet Holder with Scientific Angler Fluorocarbon and Nylon Tippet
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Split Shot
  5. Thingamabobbers
  6. Black/Red permanent marker
  7. Super Glue
  8. Scissor Forceps
  9. Chapstick
  10. Hook Sharpener
  11. Fishpond Thermometer
  12. Dry Magic
  13. Shimazaki Shake
  14. Dry Fly Patch
  15. Fishing License
  16. Scientific Anglers leaders Fluorocarbon and Nylon
  17. 4 Large Umpqua Fly Boxes - 1 dry,1 nymph,1 streamer, and 1 lake


Fishpond Ambassador, Landon Mayer is fly fishing guide and author in the Florissant, CO area, calling the South Platte River his home waters. He has been guiding on these waters for the past seventeen years. Passion and love for the sport of fly fishing is what motivates Landon. His success in catching trout is fueled by an addiction of pursuing large trout with small flies and lightweight fly-fishing equipment. Landon also displays enthusiasm in teaching and demonstrating his techniques and on-river knowledge to fellow anglers.
You can reach him via these channels: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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