Pat Dorsey

Pat Dorsey

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South Platte, Cheesman Canyon


I’ve been guiding for 25 years. My passion is sharing my knowledge about tailwaters. Also, teaching others to be stewards of the environment.

What conservation issue do people need to know about in your back yard? 

Recent flashflood in Cheesman Canyon.

What Fishpond products do you always have with you? 

I have several, but the most important are my Gunnison Guide Pack and my Nomad Net.

You walk into a gas station – what two items do you come out with?

Gatorade and a Snickers Bar

What makes for a #perfectday in your eyes? 

Any day on the water is a #perfectday. The fish are a bonus to any outing. As a professional guide, if my angler is better at the end of the day, the it was a #perfectday. Its not about numbers, its about enjoying the experience and growing as a fisherman. 

Who are your heroes or mentors? 

Jack Dennis was a mentor growing up. I learned to tie fly (as many anglers did in my age bracket) from his Western Fly Tying Manuals. 

Favorite quote or one liner? 

Trout don’t live in ugly places…

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