Corporate Responsibility

It’s the journey along the way that counts.

Fishpond is excited and very proud to be joining Patagonia as the only other fly fishing manufacturer certified as a B Corporation. Together with 1300 other companies in 50 countries, we use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. This prestigious designation is awarded to companies that meet higher standards of transparency and accountability for the greater good of society. B Corporations are a diverse community with one unifying goal: to redefine success in business by making our world a better place to live within, not only for humans but for all species. This ultimately means we are legally committed to working for environmental and social benefit, which goes beyond our financial performance as a company.

As we have grown as a brand with our innovative outdoor recreation products, it has become very clear that our mission and goals as a business would be empty of spirit and soul without a clear direction of also creating a company that defined not just our responsibility, but our obligation, to help create a sustainable planet through clean water, healthy habitat and open and wild spaces. To do this we have leveraged our brand position to carry our voice to Washington, and to show by example our commitment to sustainability by using an industry first, recycled, commercial nylon fishing net for our fabrics that is harvested throughout sensitive ocean environments. Over the past five years, Fishpond has started to move all of our products over to recycled materials and into a fabric we have designed and developed called Cyclepond. Through some of our products, we also give back to various non-profit groups with a percentage of our sales. By doing this, the consumer participates with us in doing something positive. 

B Corporations’ values mirror everything we believe in as a company, and through the B-Lab intensive screening process to get us certified, we have had to define, change and look very hard at every single one of our business practices as well as our commitment to sustainability.  Through this, we focus on aligning ourselves with suppliers and consumers that believe in giving back and making the world a better place. 

Being certified as a B Corp means we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. But it’s much more than a stamp of approval. Maintaining our B Corp status continually challenges us to be the company we want to be and to think about how we are affecting the environment, the community, our employees and our consumers. Each assessment means a punch list for improvements, and it forces us to think critically about everything we do. As a company well known for breaking barriers through innovation, Fishpond has now become just as well known for wanting to inspire everyone around us about the importance of our public and open lands and an environment that supports a healthy habitat.  If we could just define ourselves with success on this level, we will have reached a goal not defined by the bottom line, but for the goodwill for all.

The Fishpond consumer purchases our product not only for the innovative function and award-winning designs; they buy our products because through their purchase, they also own a piece of the success of our focused collaboration with private sector partners, politicians, scientists and NGO’s that are committed to the health of our natural world.

B Corporations compete not just to be the best in the world, but also to be THE BEST FOR THE WORLD. Fishpond embraces the ideals of being a company that embodies a heartbeat and a soul that simply wants to make a difference, not just with our products, but also for the good of our community and planet.

Fishpond looks to the future with a goal of creating a positive difference for our planet by creating innovative products for the outdoor recreation consumer that communicate the importance of healthy species, water and habitat.  It’s that Simple.