Jack Reis

Jack Reis

I was born in Louisiana and raised in the Pacific Northwest, so spending time on the water has always been part of my life. After graduating from the University of Denver, working in the corporate world, and spending time on the rivers of Colorado as a fishing guide, I came to Fishpond in 2019 to combine my professional background with a passion for fly fishing and environmental conservation.

Favorite Fishpond Conservation Partner

You won't be able to nail me down on a favorite, but I am passionate about any organization that shares our dedication to effecting positive change for critical environments and species. I also have a deep appreciation for any group that recognizes that success is measured by the degree to which they continue to take action in the face of great opposition. There is no silver bullet for the environmental issues we are presented with, but my favorite conservation organizations continue to take action on the ground floor and advocate for smart water and land policies.

Staff product pick

The Cutbank Gear Bag goes just about everywhere I do. On most day trips it's filled with my spare reels, tippet, fly boxes, sunscreen, and other valuables. When I travel, it doubles as a gear box for all of my photography equipment. On one particularly cold and rainy float in Wyoming, it even acted as a shelter for a new puppy on her first river float!

Favorite beer

Rainier on the river, Pacifico on the beach

Dream Adventure

For years I've been curious to explore parts of the western Amazon in Peru, Columbia, and Brazil. When it comes to saltwater, it has to be Oman. For a fraction of the cost and planning, the lake down the street from my house has never let me down.

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