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"As a fly fishing guide, I rely on certain 'tools of the trade' to make my job easier. The Nomad Net Series affords industry professionals the flexibility to choose the proper gear for a variety of situations. The feature that I have come to appreciate most is the durability of Nomad Nets. They withstand a beating in the harshest environments and never let you down! I have Nomad Nets that I have used for several seasons. I choose not to retire them because of sentimental reasons. I simply replace the net bag and keep fishing with them. As a steward of the environment, I am grateful that the Nomad Nets are specifically designed in accordance with science-based practices for handling even the largest gamefish. Truth be told, I cannot imagine fishing or guiding without a Nomad Net. They are simply amazing."

Pat Dorsey -  Co-Owner & Head Guide, Blue Quill Angler