Ron Hoppe

Ron Hoppe

Born and raised in Central MN, I grew up fishing, hunting, and exploring. After graduating from St. Cloud State University, I traveled the US working in construction. I had always wanted to pursue the dream of being a whitewater rafting and fly fishing guide, so I left my corporate job and moved to SW Colorado to attend a rafting guide school while living in my tent on national forest land. This led me to becoming a float fishing guide for Brush Creek Ranch for 5 years in southern Wyoming. I have also spent a winter guiding in Patagonia, Chile, which was an unforgettable experience! After using Fishpond's gear throughout my guiding career, I knew I wanted to be part of the crew. Through connecting in the industry we love, here I am, and I am very fortunate!

Favorite Fishpond Conservation Partner

Science on the Fly. The fact that other people share this passion for protecting our rivers and have dedicated themselves to monitoring it, I respect and give props to them. I hope to become more involved in this conservation effort down the road.

Staff product pick

Thunderhead Submersible Backpack. This bag has always been on my back or in my boat throughout my entire guiding career! Keeps everything dry and is built tough. Great product. The Thunderhead Submersible Sling Pack is my go to wade pack as well.

Favorite beer

Modelo with a lime just hits different floating down the river!

Dream Adventure

I have too many... My number 1 would be Glover's Atoll off the coast of Belize. Just live on an island, walk the flats every day, and sight fish for everything! Number 2 would be visiting friends in Argentina and chasing golden dorado on their home waters.

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