Keememwet Giveaway | Photo Contest

We want to see the greatest part of your time on the water that wasn't the catch.

Keepemwet Fishing and Fishpond are introducing a new photo contest that de-emphasizes the urgency to photograph and share every fish that's landed. Instead, we want to see the greatest part of your time on the water that wasn't the catch.

For the month of March, we want to see where you fish. Show us your favorite water. No need to name names or give away secrets, there are still places the internet just doesn't need to know about! But give us a peek at the waters that draw you back.

This contest runs through the month of March and the winner will win a worthy prize package from us and all the items are listed below. The winner will be announced via the Keepemwet Fishing newsletter "In the Loop" near the end of March. To enter, email your photos along with a short description of what you love about your favorite water to Keep an eye on social media to see entries get posted! We hope you join in the fun on this one and share your adventure!

Fishpond Prize Package:
Fishpond Blizzard Cooler - Earth - $79.95
Fishpond River Rat 2.0 - $19.95
Fishpond Don't Redd on Me Hat - $22.95
Fishpond Pescado Organic Shirt - $29.95
Fishpond Gunnison Guide Pack - $129.95

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