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"The sportsmen’s voice for our wild lands, waters and wildlife."

Catching the fish of your dreams on a wilderness stream. Your dog retrieving to hand the pheasant you just shot while walking the edge of a field with native grasses. A backpack trip where you are camped among a herd of mountain goats. This, and more, is all possible on Americas 640 million acres of public lands. Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, “The sportsmen’s voice for our wild lands, waters and wildlife”, and the fastest growing conservation organization in the country, is working tirelessly to protect and increase our access and opportunity on public lands.

Around a campfire in 2004 outside Eagle Point, Oregon, seven visionaries saw a lot of problems with the management of our nation’s wild places and public lands. But they also conceived a means to address these problems. Onto this auspicious stage, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers was born.

Fourteen years later, more than twenty thousand faces are gathered around that campfire, around that idea. That wilderness voice can be heard from the lonely tundra of Alaska to the raucous chambers of Congress in Washington, D.C. Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is now, more than ever, advancing positive change for our nation’s hunting and fishing heritage.

What does BHA do?

Let's look at a couple of recent examples, early in 2017, Rep. Jason Chaffetz of UT introduced legislation that would have divested millions of acres of our public lands. BHA led the charge in opposition by issuing a public call to arms via Facebook Live that went viral and instigated a massive backlash, igniting social media platforms in addition to generating an overwhelming number of emails and phone calls. Congressman Chaffetz, blunted by our accountability efforts, declared on social media that he would withdraw this legislation and abandoned this fool’s errand. In the end, Chaffetz also resigned his position and left Congress altogether, and while we can’t credibly say it was a result of our accountability work alone, it certainly turned up the heat and contributed to making his job even more uncomfortable.

In Summer of 2017, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers worked with the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife to turn easements on Dry Lake into identifiable access points. The lake is one of the 33 easements WDFW received as compensation for construction of two dams on the Columbia River. Most of these easements are water banks surrounded by private property with no legal way in from the road, resulting in confusion and trespassing conflicts. BHA and WDFW worked with landowners to create a primitive boat launch, parking lot and signage for the Dry Lake access. BHA is currently exploring options for development of the Horse Lake Road and North Road access sites along the Wenatchee River.

Current Projects BHA is working on

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers’ Public Waters Access campaign is an effort to achieve the BHA mission to improve public fishing and hunting access and opportunity nationwide. We believe that access to our rivers and shorelines, is so essential to our outdoor opportunities, is not being discussed or defended at a national level – and in some states, sportsmen are literally losing ground.
Public Waters Access focuses not only on engaging and informing anglers and other sportsmen about access and opportunity; it also works to combat the greatest threats to access, state by state. BHA is currently active in the fight for access in Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota and Louisiana.

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