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COLab Women's High E Hoodie

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COLab Women's High E Hoodie

A go-to companion for just about any day



Conceived on a VOORMI® annual Alaskan sabbatical, and serving as the jumping off point for the brand, the High-E hoodie stands as the center-point of the entire collection. Dialed thermal performance in combination with a re-enforced, water repellant outer surface make it a go-to companion for just about any day in the Southern Colorado high-country.


Something is happening here in Colorado. Whether you call it a trend, a movement, or simply a way of being, it’s clear that this place we call home has become a mecca for outdoor living, a commitment to craft, and the spirit of collaboration. All over the state, small companies are thriving, driving, and coming together to make things happen. This spirit of innovation and collaboration runs deep through our veins here at Fishpond. That’s why when we decided to introduce apparel truly fit for the people who rely on our gear day in and day out; we did so in partnership with Colorado’s newest leader in technical all-weather clothing. Located in the heart of rugged Southern San Juan mountains, VOORMI® has been working for years not only on sourcing the best in Rocky Mountain Highcountry Merino™ wool, but also on the development of cutting edge propriety fabric technologies. These technologies represent what’s possible in the world of backcountry worthy fishing apparel.


The story of our wool beings and ends in the high elevation and rugged terrain of The Rocky Mountains. Here, against 30-degree daily temperature swings, intense sun, and notoriously unpredictable alpine weather is where we find the unique breeds of domestic merino especially adapted over centuries to thrive in the high elevation terrain of our country’s most iconic mountain range. Exhibiting a higher degree of crimp compared to wool grown in other regions of the world, and processed at every step in the supply chain to ensure only the longest/strongest fibers make it through, Rocky Mountain Highcountry Merino™ is as resilient and unforgiving as the environment in which it’s born and raised.

  • Made in the United States exclusively from ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHCOUNTRY MERINO™



Unlike man-made fibers where texture is often artificially added to yarns, wool fiber itself comes straight from the source with a high degree of natural texture. Referred to as crimp, this “spring-like” property is what gives ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHCOUNTRY MERINO™ it’s basic foundation of strength and resilience.



The more crimp, the less tight the fibers can pack. Under a windproof shell, it means more insulation. As a stand-alone layer, it means more ability for much needed air to flush through the fabric. Simply put, textured fibers like those found in ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHCOUNTRY MERINO™ mean better thermal regulation!



  • Sizes S-XL
  • Cut and designed specifically for women
  • Athletic fit with added stretch for mobility