John Land Le Coq

John Land Le Coq

Johnny Le Coq has 35 years of experience shooting photography around the world. Specializing in on location production, he has shot on assignment in over 72 countries on six continents. From some of the largest cities to the most remote jungles, he has successfully produced images and branding consultation for some of the largest corporations, ad agencies and creative professionals, including; Federal express, United Parcel Service, DHL, Bank of America, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Nissan, Alamo, Levis, United Artists, Hertz, IBM, Wells Fargo, Disney, to name a few. Examples of his work can be seen at

Along with his work as a photographer and branding consultant, he is the founder and CEO of Fishpond. As the director of design and development, product design is an integral component to his focus and vital to the complete understanding of how photography and product design work together to create a successful brand.

"As we have grown as a brand with our innovative outdoor recreation products, it has become very clear that our mission and goals as a business would be empty of spirit and soul without a clear direction of also creating a company that defined not just our responsibility, but our obligation, to help create a sustainable planet through clean water, healthy habitat and open and wild spaces for species"

Le Coq is also the founding partner of Case Logic, inc, which is now owned by the Thule company from Sweden. This company was the foundation of his product design background, and this company remains today as the worlds leading brand of music, photo and storage accessory products.

With his current responsibilities as the CEO of Fishpond, Le Coq is using the brand strength to help open doors into the sphere of habitat protection. He serves on the board of directors of the Woods Hole Research Center in Woods Hole, MA, (voted #1 climate change think tank in the world) and is also a founding member of a Beyond The Pond, a 501c3 funding board for the National Fish Habitat Partnerships. John attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he was born and raised. He currently lives on the western slope of Colorado on a working ranch nestled under the majestic Gore Range, which he shares with his two beautiful daughters.

Favorite Fishpond Conservation Partner

Success with conservation goals is a shared process of collabortion with those that simply give a damn about our outside world and the habitat and species with whom we share this fragil planet

Staff Product Pick

Blue River Chest Pack. I designed this 20 years ago and it remains one of our best selling products! The Blue River Chest pack incorporated the first drop down fly bench in the industry, which has been emulated for two decades in various forms.

Favorite Beer

Anything Mexican

Dream Adventure

North to south land traverse of South America with my two daughters, fly rods, oil paints, and cameras in tow.

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