Andy Dunn

Andy Dunn

I grew up on the waters of Hood Canal in Washington State. I spent much of my childhood boating, fishing, and water skiing. The time I spent on the water, whether on the canal or on a river, became an integral part of who I am. As a young adult, I moved to Colorado where I was introduced to fly fishing and continued to grow my passion for outdoor activities. After many years of working in construction, I decided to go after my dream of working in the fly-fishing industry. I started at a local fly shop south of Denver and started with Fishpond in August of 2019.

I currently live in a small town south of Denver, Colorado with my wife and three kids (we are outnumbered). I strive to pass on my love for the outdoors to my kids by exposing them to as many national parks as we can while teaching them the importance of water conservation and taking care of the environment.

Favorite Fishpond Conservation Partner

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, wild steelehead were an important part of my experience as a young angler. The Wild Steelhead Coalition works to protect and restore wild steelehead to ensure a brighter future for these iconic fish. My hope is that future generations of anglers are afforded the opportunities that I have been over the years.

Staff Product Pick

Dakota Rod and Reel Case. It helps me stay organized and ready to go. Whether it's a quick day trip with my family and friends or a trip to some isolated location it seems to be with me on every fishing adventure.

Favorite Beer

Moose Drool- Big Sky Brewing Company 

Dream Adventure

Taimen Fishing in Mongolia.

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