Walker Parrot

Fishpond Ambassador

Tired of working for an Environmental Firm, I fortunately broke my shoulder Kayaking. Lying around for too many days I had to tie more flies. Hanging around the flyshop too much,the owner asked if I could guide a few weeks. 14 years later, I am managing and guiding full time, life is pretty damn good. Growing up in the Low Country of SC, my brother and I fished everyday, all year long. Those poor Redfish! I always looked up to offshore and inshore Captains, guess I always thought I would make a living in the Fishing Business. I guide 200 days a year, manage 11 guides, and a full retail store. On days off I still go fishing! The day I don’t want to go ride around the rivers messing with Musky on Fly, is the day I go sell Insurance, or something different than this Fishing Life. What does Fly Fishing means to me? Fishing means, peace of mind, relaxing, working, guiding, catching, releasing, stalking, cursing, broken rods, lost flies, spooking, laughing, sneaking, showing people/anglers the awesome place I live in. Musky, Trout, Bass, Brim, Creek Chubs any species that help distract me from every day responsibilities. I fly fish because I really like it. For work, guiding. Everyday is a new day, I have never seen the fish do the exact thing from day to day in 14 yrs of guiding. Some things are consistent, but everyday if different. I have become interested lately in the BTT Bonefish Tarpon Trust. Saltwater TU pretty much. Protecting the coldwater fisheries is important, but at times we forget about that Briny mass of water called the Ocean. Also CCA Coastal Conservation Assoc. Growing up on the coast of South Carolina, I still have passion and love for the coast. In the South East we have over development issues, that hurt the soil and water quality. Small amounts of rain can mud up the main rivers for days, if not months like 2013.

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