Doug McKnight

Fishpond Ambassador

Doug McKnight is a guide, fly tyer, artist, and travel professional for Yellow Dog Fly Fishing adventures, who lives in Livingston, Montana.  Obsessed with fooling fish at a tender age, Doug is a twenty year veteran of guiding, working in fly shops and tying good flies.  His main passion is sight fishing with flies and a tight line to fish that pull hard.  After working and eventually running successful fly shops for many years, Doug believes the future of fly fishing lies with getting new people involved in fly fishing, as well as enhancing and protecting access to good water.

Doug guides anglers on a wide variety of water including the Yellowstone, Madison, Missouri Rivers, Yellowstone National Park, along with a host of other rivers, creeks and lakes.
Although there is no "off season" in Montana, according to Doug.  The rest of the year, he divides his time between co- managing Yellow Dog's Bahamas program, fly tying and his artwork.