Chris Daughters

Fishpond Ambassador

At ten my father and I took up fly fishing together. I took classes from our local shop and began working at that shop shortly after. At 16 I began guiding, purchased the same shop The Caddis Fly Angling Shop (the only job I’ve ever had) at 26. I have always worked to fish. Saving money all Summer for a big winter trip in the early days was the focus. Fly fishing has been about discovery for me. What’s around the next bend? What does the day have in store? It’s the unknown, and the fact that fly fishing takes you to the most beautiful environs in the world that do it for me. 

Protecting those beautiful environs is critical for all of our futures and I am engaged with our local watershed councils, McKenzie River Trust and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, protecting fish and habitats.  Recently I have supported a 5-year population study on my home river the McKenzie, and participated in a short film for the PEW Institute regarding Oregon’s O&C Lands.

Bringing new anglers to the sport of fly fishing has been a critical strategy at my store for a very long time. Removing the “intimidation” from the sport of fly fishing is a focus. Specialty sports can be difficult to enter without a very welcoming attitude and I try to foster this at my shop. Fly fishing classes, schools, guided trips and a forthcoming stream of information is a part of this strategy.

Recently my wife and I purchased Cedar Lodge on the South Island of New Zealand and will be spending much of our North American winter south. Cedar is a long standing business that we feel will augment our existing business and create a great opportunity for our family to experience another part of the world.  We have two children ages 6 and 9. They are great travelers and look forward to the next fishing adventure as much as we do.

The Caddis Fly Angling Shop
Cedar Lodge