Bryan Huskey

Fishpond Ambassador

Like the dinosaurs and sharks I'd seen in books, the seemingly giant salmon and steelhead I watched my father tug to the bank of coastal rivers terrified me as a small child. Yet I couldn't get them out of my mind, especially once I was old enough to try to do the same. At the age of 8 I clung to a cork grip with a large cartwheeling fish on the line. What I felt was an energy that nothing else could duplicate.

Over time I'd travel with buddies to rivers near and far to swing flies for these incredible fish. By 2000, Boise had become my new home and trout were all around. My first digital camera came shortly thereafter and using it to study fish in the net brought me back to the days of that little kid staring in fantastic awe at fish. Photography, filmmaking and a career in fly fishing inevitably followed.

With the explosion of social media and camera phones in every pocket, I fear photographing every catch has become assumed standard protocol, for new anglers especially. I'm concerned about the impact all this additional fish handling is having on catch & release fisheries. I hope to raise awareness, that while it's great to photograph fish (I owe my career to it) over-handling can kill the very fish an angler is so proud to display then release. Hence the inception of #keepemwet, a few words added to my instagram posts that I hoped would promote keeping fish in the water for photos.

I have the best job of anyone I know, creating media content for Silver Creek Outfitters of Ketchum, Idaho. In addition, I've had some luck producing short films featured in The Fly Fishing Film Tour and The Hunting Film Tour, and am proud to support Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and Casting 4 A Cure.

Instagram @fishbitemedia